First Website for a Life Sciences Networking Group


The Com-X Network is a quarterly networking event for commercially minded Life Sciences executives. Their word of mouth mailing list was getting unwieldy. Vetting new members and updating the list was a multi-person manual process with no single source of truth. The group needed a website to attract new members, build an email list, and collect RSVPs for the events.


  • Squarespace 7.1
  • Google Workspace
  • Mailchimp


Web Designer



Screenshot of Home Page above the fold, featuring group photo at the networking event for commercially minded executives from the Life Sciences in San Diego.
[Fig01] Com-X home page, above the fold.


When I was approached in Fall 2022 they were reasonably well prepared with: a listing on LinkedIn, a professional looking branding package with a logo from a reputable agency in Chicago, and a good set of professional photos from previous events.

The Com-X Network needed a website and more.They understood the need for modern tools to promote themselves effectively but no-one in the group had real experience doing it. In their day to day work they used Microsoft products designed for large enterprises.

Squarespace 7.1

I chose a Squarespace 7.1 site as the starting point. As the latest version of a long established website builder it promised to be stable and get regular updates on key features:

It's not the perfect match. Events aren't as full featured as Eventbrite but it had the minimal viable features.I hope that event ticketing or an RSVP process might be on their roadmap. But currently that functionality is handled in Tock, which is a separate product geared towards restaurants.

Screenshot of the website's event page showing a sample photo, time, location and summary description for several upcoming and past events.
[Fig02] Events Page displaying summaries of upcoming and past events.


Mailchimp was chosen as the newsletter platform as it had enough features at the free tier to make maintaining the list easy. It would help them avoid modern anti-spam filters as their list grew closer to 500 addresses.

Google Workspace

A business Google Workspace account was the last part of the tech stack. A domain with a legitimate business email is just the cost of business today. There are technical limits to the amount of emails a free gmail account can send but in the modern anti-spam environment the key benefit of a business email is avoiding being flagged as a spammer.

Future Developments

No site is static and there are always areas for improvement.